Best tasting dishes of the week.

Today I'm taking you on a "I'm a foodie" journey. I have been visiting some friends & family members and we all got to celebrate me finally showing up ever since I've moved out.
I did take some food photos (obviously) but never got around to post them anywhere so here it is. A little cheating moments caught by yours truly.

One picture that I had found from over a year ago remind me of some pretty good times so I went ahead and planned a little trip back there. Try and guess by the picture below where am I going withing the next two weeks and if you will I'll send u a postcard ;)



on my own now.

So recently I've moved out on my own. U have no idea how excited I am to start fresh. Considering the fact that I'm still settling down and have a bunch of stuff yet to buy/decorate/put together.
I did what anyone else would... scrolled through Pinterest in order to find some inspirations.

this is how I plan to make the rooms look like. Modern/fresh/Scandinavian vibes
Those details I really enjoyed looking at so I might try and find a way to include them somewhere in between.

So much so far. I have some ideas in my mind that I can't wait to make them happen.
I'll update how is the progress going as soon as I can.


first tatoo

never lose hope.
tł. nigdy nie trać nadziei.